Hi! I'm Megan

I fell in love with photography 13 years ago when my daughter Skyler was born. Then, 5 years ago when my daughter Rhyan was born, I fell in love with Birth Photography when my friend and fellow photographer Brandi had her own birth photographed. I felt that I missed something. I wanted to have those images from a time I don’t really remember. 

The Start Of My Birth Journey

I made a new friend when looking to expand my portfolio. I was asked if I was interested in adding birth to my portfolio and since then Andrea of Belly, Birth, and Beyond and I have become fast friends. I fell in love with shooting births being at her side. 

Focusing My Photography

For years I never had a focus to my photography. I was an all around photographer and never had a focus that really called to me. Earlier this year, I know that Lifestyle, Motherhood, and Family is what I wanted to do “when I grow up.” So rebranding myself as this has become important to me.  Capturing these moments in a families life has become something that gives me meaning in my work. I can not wait to bring your and your family these images and video that you will cherish for a life time.  

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